Q – Does Paleriders – Cambodia cater to older people?

A – Yes we do. The oldest person we’ve had on a tour was 80 years old, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Read her testimony here.

Q – Is a Paleriders – Cambodia tour safe for women?

A – Very much so! Paleriders – Cambodia encourages women from all walks of life to take our tours.

Q – I heard there are a lot of landmines in Cambodia. Is it a safe place to visit?

A – There are parts of  Cambodia which are still heavily mined. The areas Paleriders – Cambodia travel to are safe, however when travelling through less inhabited country it is prudent not to venture off established tracks. If in doubt ask your tour guide.

Q – Why motorcycles do you use?

A – Paleriders uses the Honda XR250, for shorter riders Honda Degree 250 bikes are available. If you want a larger bike there are some BMW F650 and Honda Transalp 600 bikes available.

Q – Can the route be varied?

A – Yes it can. The routes detailed on the website can be varied and side trips for all or some of the riders can be arranged.

Q – Do you need to be able to ride a motorbike?

A – Yes, some experience is required. Prior to accepting any bookings Paleriders – Cambodia requires a copy of your motorcycle license.  If you have no experience and want to ride with us, find a training facility in your area and learn from a qualified instructor prior to your trip. A quick Google search will find one close to where you live.

Q – Will my Travel Insurance cover me if anything happens?

A – All insurance policies require careful perusal of the policy wording, however most of them cover motorcycle riding up to 200 cc provided that the person has  a motorcycle license in their own country and is compliant with the local licensing legislation. Paleriders – Cambodia require a copy of your travel insurance policy one month prior to the date of your ride.

On an offroad trip, where Paleriders – Cambodia provides larger bikes, you will need to ensure that your policy covers you for riding bikes over 200 cc.

Paleriders – Cambodia recommends travel insurance from World Nomads.

Q – Do I need to apply for a motorcycle license in Cambodia?

A – To comply fully with the local law and our 3rd party insurance policies Paleriders – Cambodia require you to obtain a Cambodian Drivers License for the class of motorbike you choose to ride. You can obtain a temporary license after your arrival ($65 and two day waiting time) or Paleriders – Cambodia can arrange it beforehand so that you’re ready to go as soon as you get here. You can order yours here, under the Services tab.

Q – What riding gear do I need to bring?

A – Paleriders can provide you with an open face helmet but recommend you bring your own, the local ones aren’t built to the standard you’re probably used to at home. You need to bring sturdy boots, long-sleeved shirt and long trousers, gloves, goggles and whatever protective gear you prefer. Bear in mind it is usually quite hot, so don’t worry about leather jackets or heavy coats. A camelback is highly recommended, it gets quite hot and you will feel thirsty on a ride.

Q – How much gear can I bring?

A – It depends on the style of tour you choose. On an escorted tour we include a support vehicle for groups of 5 or more, smaller groups need to limit themselves to a manageable size backpack. Laundry services are readily available at minimal cost so there is no need to carry more than 3 or 4 changes of clothes.


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