Worthy Causes

Riding in Cambodia is exciting, and great fun but most of us are here for more serious reasons. The routes covered link organisations who are doing good work for underprivileged people. Sometimes, people won’t give money to charities because they worry about how much of it actually goes to the needy. A Paleriders – Cambodia ride gives you a great opportunity to see for yourself good people doing good work that often goes unnoticed. None of these organisations have large administration costs, most of their funds are spent directly on the people they are intended for, and their staff work on a voluntary basis.

Whenever possible there will be opportunities to do something hands on, but there will usually only be one project per trip. Consider the ride to be a reconnaissance mission to identify which projects you’d like to get involved with at a later date.

10% of your tour package price will go towards helping these organisations, either through direct donation or through the purchase of materials for the projects worked on during the trip. You will choose who the money is given to.



Responsible Tourism in Cambodia


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