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On my last trip to Baray, in January, I was able to have a toilet built at the school at Chuuk Ksach Pagoda. Two generous donors, one in Laos and one in Australia, had given me $400 to put towards the project. On my next trip home I’ll get a well put in, and buy some swings for the kids. The same donor in Laos and another one in Australia have put in more money for that.

Most of us take toilets for granted, but the truth is that most of the kids who go to this school don’t have a toilet to use at home. Unreal as it may seem, there more likelihood of a rural Cambodian having a mobile phone than a toilet. To the kids this humble little outhouse means a great deal. I’m looking forward to getting the swings for them.

Building materials
Building toilet block
Building toilet block
Toilet block
Paleriders School
Paleriders School
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