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We are very sensitive to current environmental issues within Cambodia, and understand the difficulty this country faces in finding a balance between sustainable development and conservation of natural resources. By encouraging our guests to visit the natural attractions and engage in discussion with local people, we hope to raise a wider awareness and understanding of those issues. By promoting tourism into these areas we hope that a higher value will be placed on them as a source of sustainable revenue for the local communities.


We take our responsibility to the community seriously, and do our utmost to avoid injury or property damage in villages and towns when we pass through. We are very mindful that the roads are used by children walking to school as well as many others so we moderate our speeds accordingly. We respect the laws of Cambodia and comply by obtaining a Cambodian driving license for any guests who choose to ride on our tours.

Our support vehicles are owned and driven by Cambodian people, and we ensure that they are maintained to a high standard. On tour we stay in guesthouses and hotels which are owned and operated by local people, and all food and meals purchased are from locally owned and operated shops and restaurants. Whenever available local guides are used at attractions visited. Our staff are always available to escort and translate for guests if they want to visit local markets or to meet and interact with local people.

When on tour, if we won’t be close to a town or village at meal time, we will stop at a house near the road, meet the people and share our food with them. We’ll also give them a small donation in appreciation for the use of their facilities.

We engage with the Preah Rumkel Community Ecotourism Site to access Sopheakmith waterfall and the Ramsar wetlands, including their services into our tours as much as possible. By utilising their services we contribute to the development of their community.

If the tour group agrees, we stop at village schools to offer the children small gifts such as pencils, exercise books and rulers. We encourage our guests to bring these items with them, so that they can experience the joy of giving to children who really appreciate these small offerings. Some of our guests have said that this was the highlight of their tour.

Paleriders – Cambodia supports orphanages and charitable organisations as well as assisting in the construction of schools and other projects. If a group wants to visit some of these places during a tour it can be arranged.


Responsible Tourism in Cambodia

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