School at Samroeng Village Pagoda

Posted by on 10/02/2013

For some time Paleriders – Cambodia has been supporting our local village pagoda with their building fund. The pagoda is a work in progress, as money comes in a bit more work gets completed. Recently though, work started on a schoolroom and we decided to get involved in the project.

Originally there was a big, old wooden dormitory building for the monks but it had become termite infested so it was demolished. The timber was sorted through, anything still good was put aside and is being used to build a smaller dormitory. Work has also commenced on a brick and concrete schoolroom. A generous donor from Australia has contributed $500 which paid for 10000 clay bricks, and Paleriders – Cambodia donated two tonnes of cement.

The school will be used to teach small kids, novice monks and also for English lessons for High School kids.

Some of the 10000 bricks


Two tonnes of cement


Building new school


Building new school


Building new school

Building new school


Remains of old dorm building

Remains of old dorm building


New dorm building

New dorm building


On my recent trip back to Baray I found that good progress has been made at the school since I last saw it in January. Some people I work with in Laos had given me money to buy another 1.5 tonnes of cement for the project. Next thing needed are desks, about 20 of them. I’ll go to Kampong Cham next time I’m there and buy them.


$150 for 1.5 tonnes of cement.


1.5 tonnes of cement


School building




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