Looking for a different style of holiday?

Paleriders – Cambodia was created for people looking for a different style of holiday.

What’s so different about a Paleriders – Cambodia tour? Whilst we specialise in motorbike tours, we’re open to all enquiries and will create an itinerary to suit your requirements, no matter how unusual or different. We aim to please!

  • From serious offroad tours to family and couples tours, we can create an itinerary to suit you. From fully escorted all inclusive tours to helping you organise your own tour, we’ve got it covered!
Off the beaten track

Getting off the beaten track

  • Are there elderly people in your group? No problem! We recently took an 80 year old lady to see the Mekong Waterfall and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Mind you she didn’t ride, she travelled in the support vehicle. We’ll also take groups who don’t ride bikes at all, we have an air conditioned mini-bus for those tours.
Mekong Waterfall

At the Mekong Waterfall

  • Do you want to bring your family? Too easy! We can create an itinerary with activities to suit all age groups.
The Henderson family

Henderson family depart from Don Khon Island in Laos

  • Does your group have different riding skill levels? That’s OK! We can vary the itinerary to suit, even splitting the group up so that the more experienced riders can ride the difficult sections whilst the others take an easier route.
Splitting up the group

Splitting up the group at Battambang

  • Does your group require different styles of motorbike? Can do! We can supply different styles of bikes, from scooters upwards.
A real mixture of bikes

A real mixture of bikes

  • Don’t want to ride at all? No worries! We can arrange an air conditioned vehicle with driver for any group size. Non-riders share in much the same experiences as the riders. The more adventurous may want to ride as pillion with their partner or one of the Paleriders – Cambodia crew. We can also include a trailer so that you can load the bike and relax in the car if you get tired. Paleriders – Cambodia can usually cater to most people’s requirements.
Travelling together

Travelling with the support vehicle

Create your own tour

Create your own tour

  • Paleriders – Cambodia is a responsible tour operator. We encourage our guests to slow down, take the time to look around, take some photos, meet the locals.
Locals having fun

Locals kids having fun

  • Although the traffic and roads in Cambodia can be crazy at times, we go out of our way to ensure the safety of our guests and in the unlikely event there is an incident we are well prepared to deal with it.  We ensure that our motorcycles are registered, well maintained and covered by third party insurance.  We require participants in our tours to have comprehensive travel insurance coverage and to be legally entitled to ride on the road in Cambodia.


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