Looking for a different style of holiday?

Paleriders on the road again

Rubber plantation, Chamkar Andoung

Paleriders – Cambodia was created for people looking for a different style of holiday.

When talking to people about Cambodia, particularly about the volunteer work I’ve been involved with and the motorcycle adventures I’ve had along the way they often say “I’d love to do that”. It seemed like a good idea to combine my two passions and offer a different and unique style of holiday.

What is so different and unique about a Paleriders – Cambodia tour?

  • A Paleriders – Cambodia tour is not just about motorcycles. Although they are fun and an ideal way to see the country they are just a means to an end.  Paleriders -Cambodia was created to give people the opportunity to do volunteer work, and to provide financial assistance to worthy causes, safe in the knowledge that the organisations supported are genuine. Many people say they’d like to help but don’t know how to go about it, and are unsure if their donations are really used how they were intended. Participants in a Paleriders – Cambodia tour have the opportunity to meet, and assist totally committed people who are engaged in very worthy causes. At Paleriders – Cambodia we back this up by donating 10% of the tour proceeds to charity, as well as the personal donations we make.
  • Paleriders – Cambodia is an ethical and responsible travel operator. We have enormous respect and empathy for the Khmer people, which is the main reason we use the same motorbikes they use, and travel at responsible speeds as we pass through their villages. On the major roads, one village blends into the next – you will be sharing the road with children going to school, all sorts of foot traffic, bicycles and animals so why endanger their lives and your own? Slow down, take the time to look around, take some photos, meet the locals. Go home feeling that you haven’t just “done” Cambodia, you’ve done something that made a difference.
  • Although the traffic and roads in Cambodia can be unpredictable, we go out of our way to ensure a safe environment for our customers and in the unlikely event there is an incident we are well prepared to deal with it.  All of our motorcycles are registered, well maintained and covered by third party insurance.  We insist that participants in our tours have comprehensive travel insurance coverage, are legally entitled to ride on the road in Cambodia and are experienced riders. Some tour operators in Cambodia use poorly maintained, unregistered motorbikes with no insurance coverage, have no emergency response procedures in place if things go wrong, their staff have no first aid training and often they will insist on holding your passport as security. The care factor is zero. Beware – do your research before booking any tours or hiring motorbikes in Cambodia.
  • Paleriders – Cambodia always uses a support vehicle to ensure that your luggage arrives clean and dry and that you can travel on the motorbike unimpeded. It allows people who have no desire to ride the opportunity to participate in a tour. It is also a contingency in the event of an emergency, we will not wait hours for an ambulance to arrive, or abandon someone in a third world hospital.
  • Paleriders – Cambodia only books clean, comfortable and good value accommodation wherever we travel. Likewise with meals, we will not scrimp on quality or quantity. Some tour operators charge a premium price and deliver low budget accommodation and meals, we have more respect for our customers and ourselves than that.
Paleriders on the road

Stopped for lunch beside the Mekong River

Not everyone wants to ride so there is no problem if you don’t want to. Every tour can be tailored to suit the  specific needs of the participants. Non-riders will share in all the same experiences as the riders whilst travelling in the support vehicle. The more adventurous may want to ride as pillion with one of the Paleriders – Cambodia crew. Being a small operation, Paleriders – Cambodia is usually able  to cater to most people’s requirements.


First lady on the first Paleriders tour

First lady on the first Paleriders tour


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